Photo: Photoshoot of Vladimirs Arhipovs in Araishy (

For your product, service or event to be recognised in the hive of information today, it needs to have an advertisement that is attractive, interesting and it needs to be able to tell a story. Maybe it’s worth considering a medieval theme for your photo/video advertising materials? We definitely can help you, and provide you with fully equipped knights, as well as genuine medieval ladies.

Cooperating with photographers and producers we’ve participated in numerous photoshoots,  as well as in the filming process of advertisements and films:

  • Filming “Baltcom” advertisement in Araishy (the fight scene with knights):

  • Filming the advertisement for the basketball club “VEF Rīga” in Bauska castle:

Every advertising campaign is unique, therefore please contact us personally on the phone +371 28339843 or send an email to to agree on your ideas and how we could fulfil them.