Length of the route: 4 – 6 km
Duration of the game: approx. 3 – 5 h
Min. number of people: 20 people.
It’s possible to do it with bicycles, Nordic walking poles or skis.

Araishy is the place that is rich on tales and legends; it seems that every corner keeps a secret. During this game every participant will see this mystical place from a different angle- it will become more beautiful and closer to your heart than it has ever been before.

Limitless number of people can participate in this game; they will be divided in groups. There will be several checkpoints placed across the whole territory of Araishy, and they will be marked in a map created especially for Araishy. Every checkpoint will reveal a secret that you possibly haven’t known before. Participants will need to do a more or less  active  task, by doing this task participants with gain new skills, for example, they will learn the basics of archery, how to fight balancing on a beam, and to grind grain. In the end the most successful and active ones will be rewarded.

To fully experience the ancient atmosphere of Araishy every checkpoint will have instructors wearing authentic medieval clothes, who will help you with your tasks and will share their knowledge about the history of Araishy.

Duration of the game and the number of checkpoints depend on the time participants have, their age and their wishes, that’s why organisation of the game is prepared individually according to your needs.

This offer is suitable for students, both individual and tourist groups, it’s also a great option for a team building exercise, or a way to celebrate a significant event (birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party etc.). The game is available regardless the time of  the year, it can be done both in the summer and winter.

After the game you can also have some delicious lunch/dinner, and relax in the sauna.

To specify costs*, please contact us personally on the phone +371 28339843 or send an email to indra.paseka@gmail.com.

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